Choosing the right high chair for your little one

Choosing the right high chair for your little one

When your child is a newborn, high chairs are not a top priority because at this age, whether you're bottle-feeding or nursing, your baby will probably be in your lap. Your baby will require a high chair to sit upright for mealtime once you begin to introduce solid foods, which the American Academy of Pediatrics advises doing at about 6 months of age.


Having the ideal baby high chair for the unique needs of your family can ease the transition to solid foods, even while the what and how of feeding your baby may be your primary concerns. Once you've made sure that a high chair satisfies the standard safety criteria, it really comes down to your family's budget, style, and how you want to use your high chair. The ideal high chair will make meal time easy, safe, and enjoyable for both you and your baby. 

To determine the right fit for you, take into account the following:


Make sure you have enough space around the chair, so that you are flexible to move and reach everything with ease. If your dining area is small, it might be better to choose a chair that does not take too much space. Think about if you’d like your highchair to be foldable or stackable. 


Modern high chairs often transform from an infant seat to a toddler chair as the child grows. Foot panels and trays can be moved to adapt to the age of your child so that you can utilise the chair from infancy through toddler years, which could save a lot of money along the way. And with all the things you need for a child, this could be a game changer. We’d suggest you take a look at our SYT highchair, which is designed to grow with your child. It is adaptable, super safe and beautiful.  


When your infant is a toddler, he will eventually start to learn how to feed himself. There will be spills, splatters, and crumbs, so you'll need a high chair that's easy to clean. Think about a high chair with detachable components or materials that can be easily wiped down. 


After all, a fussy infant is unlikely to be interested in eating. A well-shaped seat or soft, machine-washable cushion will keep your baby cozy and happy to be fed and explore new sensations.


High chairs are essentially pieces of furniture, even though that shouldn't be your primary concern - safety always comes first! Depending on your style, you may be drawn to different materials, colors or designs. Geuther offers a wide range of designs and colors. Take a look and get inspired. 


Your infant should be able to safely explore food in all its forms. And you as a parent should enjoy this milestone as well. Therefore, please always remember the following tips: 

  • Your baby should never be left alone in the high chair. Although it should go without saying, an unattended infant could tumble over or choke.
  • Always check that your child is secured with a security belt. 
  • Maintain a safe distance between the chair and the table. Babies enjoy pushing and stretching their legs, which might result in an unanticipated tumble.
  • Choose a chair that is stable and won't tip over. You want to be sure that the chair won't fall over even as the baby grows and becomes more active. Make sure the chair was safety tested from an official institution. 
  • Always abide by the recommended weight and height ranges. Following them will guarantee that your kid is seated safely because they are there for a reason.

Now that your kid is in a secure feeding position it's time to create a mess and try different foods! We really hope you enjoy the process. If you have any questions along the road, don't be afraid to ask; we're here to assist.

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