About Us

Making life with kids easy and carefree - that's been our focus and motivation since we were born in 1881 in Bavaria, Germany.  Since then, we've been developing high-quality baby furniture that sets the standard in terms of safety, innovation and design.

We understand you, mums & dads. Your needs, your motivations and your struggles. We'd love to accompany you in this wild journey that parenthood is, by bringing to you the products that will make your life easier and that will allow your kids to grow safe & nurtured. 

Safety, exceptional quality & innovative design 

Our tried-and-tested expertise sets the foundation for all our products, which use wood as the raw material, combined with innovative technologies, alternative materials and modern & functional designs.

Sustainable, natural materials

We care about the people & the planet. We want to secure a future based on fair conditions, sustainable concepts & conduct, and profitable growth – for our staff, our company, and for the children and parents of today and tomorrow.