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Ali - Baby Changing pad

Ali - Baby Changing pad

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Ali - The changing mat that makes diaper changes fun

Advantages at a glance:

- Easy to clean

- Comfortable for your baby

What customers say:

"The changing mat is very practical. I can use it on my bed or the sofa or even on the floor, depending where is the best place to change my daughter at that moment."

Anna, Mom from Ho Chi Minh City

Product in detail:

Your bundle of joy is sweet and smiley but also a pooping machine? That means diaper changes around-the-clock. You have diapers and cream — so now, you need a high-quality diaper-changing pad. Something sturdy, washable, and easy to deal with. Not huge, but also big enough to be comfortable for your baby. Therefore, the balance of size, shape, clean-ability and ease of use are key.

Geuther had all this in mind when creating the Ali changing pad. It doesn't just provide an exceptionally soft surface for your little one to lie on - it also features a raised edge, a head protector and is washable (just in case).

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