Five fun play ideas with your 2 year old at home

Five fun play ideas with your 2 year old at home

Are you searching for activities to keep your kids entertained and educated at the same time? Take a look at these indoor activities that developmentally benefit your 2-year-old and are a lot of fun as well. 

After your kid turns two, they will go through significant intellectual, physical, social, and emotional changes that will aid in their understanding of the world.

The transition from stage 2 to stage 3 is crucial as language development starts to pick up. Additionally, kids are becoming more aware of their independence and actively start their own world exploration. Parents may encourage and support their children so that they can master important developmental skills. They could introduce kids to experiential learning activities, for instance. 

So go ahead and try these easy learning activities for 2-year-olds at home. Your little one will enjoy them as they help them grow.


Hiding toys

A simple indoor exercise for 2-year-olds is to hide a toy around the home and have them discover it. Explore with them, guiding them with terms like "warmer" and "colder." You may also hide many items at once or use flashlights for the hunt.

Knowledge gained: memory, problem-solving, social skills, and listening


Think of a boat

All you need for this activity is a blanket or towel and a little bit of imagination. Place your little one on it and pull him around the room. Imagine that you are traveling on the blanket like a train or a boat, stopping at various locations like the zoo, the grocery store, or a favorite eatery.

Knowledge gained: balancing, imagination, creativity


ThePlay a game of "Stop and Go"

Play games like "red light, green light" that require beginning and stopping. Children who practice self-control will ultimately be able to resolve problems via compromise and negotiation.

Knowledge gained: self-control


Toss a ball

A play tunnel is necessary for this activity. Stand at opposing ends of the tunnel, and alternately raise each end tossing a softball back and forth. Your child may need to practice a while to get the hang of this, as it requires collaboration.

Knowledge gained: coordination, cause and consequence, and cooperation


Create a Song

As you sing one of your kid's favorite songs, make a quick illustration of what is described in the lyrics. Then give your child the paper and ask them to make another illustration of something else that was mentioned in the song. As an example, you would sing "5 little ducks" to your kid while having him sketch the ducks first, then have him draw his interpretation of the lake. Till the song is over, go back and forth.

Knowledge gained: Language, creativity, storytelling

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