Three tips for motivating your kid to brush teeth

Three tips for motivating your kid to brush teeth

The first tooth has fallen out. Once you've informed everyone you know, you'll want to maintain it and the others as spotless as possible. As parents, we have experienced the tantrums and tried to teach our children how to wash their teeth. However, there are some useful lessons I've picked up along the road. Here's what could be helpful if you're in the similar situation.


Start early

It is advisable to begin brushing as soon as they erupt their first tooth (about 4-6 months). In case your child is too young, dental wipes could be useful. They enjoy the flavour of the product, which was specially formulated for this period, allowing parents to clean gums and teeth. Additionally, it helps to become accustomed to having something in the mouth, which later makes brushing the teeth simpler. 

Copy cat

Take advantage of the fact that babies like copying while they are still young. Hand them their toothbrushes and let them observe you brushing your teeth. Choose one that is gentle and designed for baby teeth to prevent gum irritation. It works beautifully since kids enjoys acting like a big, grown-up child.

Offer rewards

You simply can't go wrong with these as soon as they reach the point when they understand rewardsand are aware that something significant awaits at the end. Give a sticker for each time they brush without fuss, and when they have ten, give them a gift from the "tooth fairy." It works. Really.


So those are the tricks that enabled us to achieve dental hygiene harmony in our home. We hope they also benefit you.

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