When to switch from a crib to a toddler bed

When to switch from a crib to a toddler bed

Are you wondering when it is the ideal time to move a child from their crib to their own bed? Between the ages of one and a half and three years old, the majority of parents move their children from the crib to the bed.

Here are three signs that show your baby is ready for a ‘big kid bed’:

1. Your kid jumps in the crib
Has your kid started jumping in the crib when they're happy or excited? Does she move the crib back and forth while on her hands and knees? She may not be actively attempting to escape the crib, but her actions indicate that she is capable of doing so. She could even be able to move the crib or climb up onto another piece of furniture, depending on how her room is set up. She may be ready to switch to a toddler bed if she has been jumping or moving around in the crib.

2. Your kid makes an attempt to get out of the crib
Consider the possibility that your kid is climbing out of the crib. She hasn't really succeeded in the task, but this is a typical indicator that she's ready for a toddler bed. Perhaps she is practicing her newfound ability to swing her leg over the rail or, if she has had separation anxiety, she may be trying to get out of the crib at night. She may really succeed in her attempts to climb out, whether out of fear or for pleasure, and end up getting out of bed.

3. Your child is tall
Even if your child has never expressed an interest in climbing out before, her height just makes it simpler for her to do it. Her height is also important to notice because she could no longer feel secure sleeping in the crib. She seems to sleep great in the crib, so you may have put off turning it into a toddler bed. But see how well she sleeps and whether she can stretch out and move about without discomfort. Consider a larger toddler bed or perhaps a twin bed if you see that she appears squished up in bed.

Also, don't undervalue your kid's desire for a huge kid bed either. Of course, you shouldn't blindly buy a toddler bed because she says so without taking other things into account. However, if you see that she has requested one or has mentioned it, you could use this as one of the indications that she is prepared.
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