Keeping your kid entertained in a highchair

Keeping your kid entertained in a highchair

As busy parents, we are constantly seeking safe and fun activities to keep our little ones occupied while attempting to complete some work. A highchair can be a great way to achieve this as the child is kept safely in one spot. So, how can you entertain your demanding kiddo in the chair?

See here our top 5 high chair activities:


Sticky note fun

Create a high chair activity that requires little preparation and may make your kids laugh. Just attach sticky notes all over the tray and watch your child take them off and place them again. 

Pull a ribbon

Take a plastic container with a twist-on lid, such as an old peanut butter jar and poke holes in the lid. Then, get some ribbon and put it inside the container (use a variety of colors and lengths). Make sure the ribbon is securely fastened at both ends so that it cannot be completely removed. This activity may need some parental involvement though, as it might be a little difficult for a kid to handle because of his little hands.


The cleanest method to paint with a newborn or toddler is definitely this approach! Only little preparation is necessary. Give your kid a piece of paper that is attached to the table (to prevent any throwing). Afterward give a damp paintbrush, some water colors or crayons. It's simple, but a lot of fun. If you do not have water color, you can try mixing joghurt (strawberry, vanilla) for a nice and safe alternative. The goal is more about enjoying the process than having a finished work of art that you can retain.

Push and Pull 

This one may be suitable for somewhat older children, but you may adapt it to suit smaller children as well. Color the bottom "bumps" of an empty egg carton using a marker. Then pierce each of the bumps with a kitchen knife to create a slot and insert a popsicle stick into the opening. Younger children can practice removing the popsicle sticks. For older children, they can be pulled out and work on returning to the proper holes. 

Sensory Board

This exercise in the high chair does require more effort. Use some glue to attach a variety of textural materials on a piece of cardboard that had been lined with scrapbook paper. To prevent a cardboard cut, do everything it takes to protect the edges. To put on the sensory board you can use the lids of wipes, jingle bells, balls on a rope, buckles, zippers, velcro, shoe laces, buttons and much more. The options are endless.

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